About US


 Alicia Hartman , UK trained OPTOMETRIST & Founder of Eye Q Stylist Opticians & Peoples From Barbados Eyewear brand. 


EST in 2011 at the luxury Limegrove Lifestyle Center and founded by Optometrist Alicia Hartman. Alicia brings a stylistic Caribbean flair to a clean pure design space with a personal shopper and a soulful experience. Eye-care with a stylistic approach and a personalized touch. Why trade fashion for function when you can have both. Alicia has over 25 yrs experience in framing faces embracing your personal style whilst taking your necessity of glasses wear into your number one fashion accessory . Eye Q has a reputation of the best eyewear emporium in Barbados with a client list from fishermen , aristocrats to the HON Prime Minister . They all have one thing in common they wear great glasses that are  unique and make them stand out from the crowd no matter where they are in the world . A mention of Eye Q and everyone knows they hold the best Sip & Shop parties in Barbados .

 Alicia’s intention has always  been to bring niche independent eyewear brands of great quality and style  ( no brand name) to  Barbados now she takes Barbados to the world with her own colorful eyewear brand Peoples From Barbados.

Alicia’s 20 years of experience as an OPTOMETRIST makes EYECARE her #1 priority and the focus of eye Q  continues to put VISION first and Eye Q is deeply routed in the community offering FREE eye test around the island to school age kids in an effort to reduce preventable blindness and bring awareness of amblyopia. Glaucoma & Diabetic Retinopathy also a main focus for eye Q’s community eye care efforts.

EYE Q has a great team of well trained women, all young Bajan ambitious with a  unique and fresh thinking perspective .  You will be thrilled to meet Nasma & Kristen, professional , knowledgeable & always service that is efficient with a smile.